Who am I?

About me I can tell you that
I talk a lot, ask a lot and dream a lot (mostly about traveling and eating)
and that one day I decided to turn those dreams into reality.

I am a curious.
Do you know what’s the definition of the word “curious”?
If you google it, it’s «eager to know or learn something», well… that’s exactly me:
my curiosity made me eager to travel
but traveling for me is not just a holiday,
it means getting to know a place,
living the culture, meeting the people and eating local food.

In the most different countries, I could feel at home in the smile of a stranger;
I could connect
with people, with myself and with the World.

Traveling is a luxury, but it can be an affordable one that will enrich life with memorable experiences.
Traveling made me understand that Life is unpredictable… but beautiful!

And you,
are you ready to open yourself to the World,
to let your mouth taste new food and your skin feel the warmth of a new sun?

Then click on!

I’ll be telling you stories about this World…


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