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« – make (someone or something) different; alter or modify
– replace with something […] newer or better
– a process through which something becomes different».
(I have taken the dare to report different definitions from the Oxford Languages – Google dictionary because I find them very interesting).

We all change with time; the experiences we go through in life let us become more conscious of ourselves, our personality and our objectives. Change is good when lived with the right attitude because it can bring positive consequences.

When I first opened this blog I just wanted to talk about my trips, I wanted others to see the world through my words and I still want this, but something has changed: I realized that Life is beautiful.

It’s not a cliché or a catchphrase, it’s just how I learned to live my life because I accepted that Life is unpredictable and that anything can happen when you least expect it: I can make projects, I can have objectives in life, but I cannot plan the rest of my days because I will never know what’s gonna happen, so I still think about my future but I am fully living my present and I even started to appreciate the most insignificant things.
The best life for me is made of experiences and now I know, I am conscious, that this is the real reason why I love traveling so much (or I love so much traveling).

Traveling made me connect with myself; seeing the world taught me a lot about my limits and my passions, my strength and my weakness; people I met on the way made me see pieces of me that I never saw before.
Traveling helped me to understand that even in the most different countries there are people very similar to me and it can be easy to connect with them; their smile can feel like home. 
No culture is better than another, it’s just different and this diversity can enrich your soul if you open up to it.

Traveling makes me feel connected to this World and its beauty: I was lucky enough to visit few of the most magical masterpieces of Mother Nature and wow… How small are we compared to her?

Well I am getting too far here, let’s get back to the main track.

I know traveling is a luxury, but it can be an affordable one if you learn to adapt yourself to new situations, if your stomach adapts itself to digest new food: traveling for me is not just “having a holiday” but getting to know a place instead, getting to live the culture of that country as far as possible, knowing the local people and eating their food – not stealing their plates of course. 😛  
This is also part of the sustainable way of traveling that I am looking to experience, if you think about it: supporting the local activities and customs, “promoting” them… somehow is also a demonstration of respect.

Traveling means connecting worlds and connecting people and I want this to be the mainstay of my storytelling.

Here I am writing all this to introduce to you Wordtelling, the change that Emaswordsworld has gone through; a new version that aims to become a bridge between you and this World.
I don’t want just to tell you about my trips anymore, I want you to travel with me through my words and my photos; to take advices about places, dishes, people but also I’d love you to give me advices about them.

This is an invitation to connect – with yourself, with people and with this World; an invitation to understand that there are others on the other side of the world that are just like us… or maybe not, but this makes it even more interesting!

Welcome to

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page…
I’ll read ya!

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